Statement : Sexual Assault made by 2 members of RPG-7


Last year, on the 4th of March 2017, some parisian associations organized a warm up show one week before the 2nd edition of their fest, United We Stand Divided We Fall.

One of the headlining acts was well known left wing and anti-fascist hardcore band from Madrid, RPG-7.

The day before, far from the stage, 2 members of the band showed a different face for women of the scene. In a Parisian bar on a night of drinking, they met a local activist women. Enjoying her evening, she communicated with them throughout the night. When the bar closed, the two guys didn’t want to end the party here it was decided to go to her place for some final drinks. Without knowing how, she arrived at her flat with them. Once there, she lost control of the situation and the two assholes raped her.

While wishing to stay nameless, she wants to end the impunity for the sexual assaulters in the movement and has accepted that we warn the comrades the disgusting behavior of these two men.

RPG-7 has been informed of this text and will write a text in response.

We remind that if someone doesn’t say yes to sexual intercourse it’s a rape. We remind that hanging out and spending an evening together does not give you the right to one’s body. We also remind that being a so called rockstar doesn’t give you any special rights.

Finally we remind that we support, and always will, victims of these behaviors and violations.